How to Choose the Right Dog Leash and Collar for Your Furry Friend

Being a dog lover, or a pet lover in general, and as a dog owner, you would know how crucial the right leash and collar are for your fur baby. Of course, you will need a dog leash and collar for the safety and comfort of your animal, as well as for your convenience and peace of mind because loose animals are not viewed positively. But where to get the best products such as pet leashes, harnesses, collars etc, for your pet with such a wide choice presented on the market today?

Several considerations should be put in place when it comes to dog leashes and collars. These include the size of the dog, breed, personality, training intensity, and even activity level. The following is a guideline to assist you accordingly.

Dog Leash

A dog leash is a long lead or strap attached to your dog's collar or harness, whereby you hold one end and utilize this holding control to direct the movement of your dog when walking, running, or hiking. A dog leash can also prevent running away or trouble and injury from cars, other animals, or people.

The most common dog leashes include Standard leashes, Retractable leashes, Adjustable leashes, Slip leashes, Martingale leashes, and Bungee leashes. All these have their merit and demerits on behalf of the requirements of your dog.

Some of the things to look for when choosing a dog leash are:

Length:  The length of the leash should be appropriate to your dog measuring up to his size and to the environment that you are in at the moment. A shorter leash (4 to 6 feet) gives you more control over the dog and it is ideal for a crowded place or when you would like to use the leash for training purposes of the dog. It is best to choose a long leash with 10-30 feet, which allows your dog more free movement to conduct exploration and play around in open spaces or when playing vigour activities.

Material:  The leash should also be made of strong material but comfortable and easy to keep. Some of the common materials are nylon, leather, cotton, rope, chain, and rubber. Nylon is the most popular material for being real yet lightweight; plus it's cheap and comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. While more expensive and with higher maintenance needs than nylon, leather is just as good because it is natural, soft, and durable.

Handle: It must have a padded, ergonomic, as well as slip-resistant leash handle. Ideally, a good leash shall not tire or hurt your hand by creating friction or cutting your skin. Some handles also come with certain features such as reflective strips, buttons or even hooks meant to enhance safety and convenience.

Clip: It should be durable, secure, and easy to attach-safe and detach from your dog's collar or harness. Some clips are designed with swivel or lock to prevent tangled leashes or accidental release.

Dog Collar

A dog collar is a band or strap which is either made of metal, leather, or plastic material that fits around your dog's neck and on which your dog's identification tags, licenses or other accessories can be attached. A dog collar can also be used for holding a leash or for fastening a training device such as a shock collar or a citronella collar.

Such dog collars exist as flat collars, martingale collars, head collars, prong collars, choke collars, and electronic collars. Every collar has its purpose and impact on the behaviour and health of a dog.

Some of the things to look for when choosing a dog collar are:

Size: The collar should comfortably but securely fit around the neck of your dog. It should allow you to pass two fingers between the neck of the dog and the collar. A collar that is too tight may lead to choking tendencies, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, and even loss of hair. A collar that is too loose may generate displacement from the neck of the animal or stick on objects.

Materials: The material used should be strong enough and comfortable for the pet having to wear it, as well as easy to wash. Popular materials are nylon, leather, metal, plastic or fabric. The most popular material is nylon due to its firm, light, cheap and available in different colours and patterns. Leather also comes second since it's natural, soft to the touch, and durable. However, it can be more expensive and require more maintenance than nylon.

Buckle: The collar buckle has to be durable, tight, and well-fastened easily and conveniently. Some buckles supply a quick-release feature or even lock for your convenience and your dog's safety.

Style: The right style has to correspond to the look and character of your dog. These colours can be solid, stripes, polka dots, plaid, floral, or any type of animal print. Extra accessories can also be made to go along with your dog's collar, like bows, charms, pendants, or even bells to have that little bit of fashion flair.

Where to Buy Dog Leashes and Collars

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